2,500 XTZ (Tezos)

Token holders earn passive crypto similar to “farming”
Rewards are Paid from the total earnings of Klub Kozmik’s Asset Portfolio

Rewards paid every month to registered holders wallets


Klub Kozmik Asset Portfolio

Kozmik Marketplace:

Looking for a place to spend some crypto earnings?
You found us. This is your Marketplace to turn Crypto into Tangible items like Collectibles, Vehicles, Trips, Concerts and more.


Kozmik Portfolio:

Our team of members is continuing the hunt for hard to find sports cars, homes, vacation rentals and more. Any income generated from these sales will be paid back to all our members.

Kozmik Event Token:

Buy and Sell our Tokens that give you access to events like Concerts, Live Training Seminars, Parties and more.

Kozmik Gaming Token

Come join us for the ride as we build out amazing games that you can play, enter and win Crypto.

Our Team

Mathieu Brandt

Master Jedi

With over 25 years of experience in consumer finance Mathieu has been an advocate of NFTs since their inception. Klub Kozmik is the brainchilde of Matheiu and is a culmination of a seven year development process to promote greater access to alternative wealth creation.

CJ Brooks


With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Spaceman has always taken each project to learn and grow while expanding his education. Crypto and NFT’s have been a major focus in his growth over the last 6 years. Understanding the value of future projects, he is always there to push the limits and ensure each project is a slam dunk


We are a collective group of forward thinking technology focused nerds,
creating new digital opportunities that focuses on using crypto for major purchases and transactions world wide

What is an Ozone Capital Token?

The Ozone Capital Token was created to allow Crypto and Token buyers the ability to support Klub Kozmik and its future projects while earning passive crypto based on the earnings. Very similar to farming, overtime your rewards will counter your oringal cost of purchase for the Ozone Capital Token

What is the cost to buy an Ozone Capital Token?

The Ozone Capital Tokens are non-fungible and offered at 2,500 TEZ with only 5,000 Tokens available for sale. Sign up to join the movement today

Where do the profits come from in Klub Kozmik?

The Ozone Token is built to help support many other projects through Klub Kozmik. The earnings come from any profits quarterly from the Kozmik Marketplace, Komzik Portfolio and Kozmik Event Token Sales. 

Is there any pre-sale of the Ozone Capital Token?

As of today, the only way to purchase an Ozone Capital Token is to sign up through the Klub Kozmik Website. One of our Team Members will reach out and work through the purchase details while explaining future projects.

Where can I find more details on the Ozone Capital Token?

Email us at membership@klubkozmik.io for any further questions or details around our future programs or purchasing the Ozone Capital Token.